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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day..

Beauty of luv,lies in d purity of the expression..n thts luv,at it's innocent judgements,no prejudices,no preferences,no complaints..innocent luv is lyk a sweet song-soothing to ears n matching the rhythm of one's heart..remember the tym,whn u first saw him/her n felt lyk he/she is d one..whn his/her sight,made u skip a heartbeat n u went weak at ur knees..whn after spending a moment with him/her,u suddenly realized tht u weren't breathing at all..whn everything else seemed to b meaningless..whn everything else seemed to b over..whn u couldn't stop thinking of him/her throughout d day..whn every song u listen to,relates to d moment,spend with him/her..such is d aura of LOVE..LOVE WHICH NEVER ENDS..LOVE,WHICH NEVER DIES..LOVE,WHICH IS SAFE IS OUR HEARTS,FOREVER..

from my diary..

the world wants me to change,
to accept that i m not a child anymore,
wants that i should cast away my innocence,
wants that i must always act on my common sense,
wants to deprive me of my tears,
is crying so bad?
i let my feelings flow as a wind,
i do what my heart says..
i laugh heartily n cry from within,
n i am soft as a piano plays,
i like to feel,i love to feel,
birds singing,clouds thundering,
flowers smiling n the wind on my face,
i love them all n treasure them.
but i like to cry too..
n i am not ashamed of that,
because,i let let my feelings flow as a wind,
n i do what my heart says..
i don't believe in the ideas of banality,
followed with some orthodox notions,
or pragmatism,
to deal practically everything with sanity,
always filled with such curiosity,
i find my answers sauntering around,
in the lap of nature,
the world wants me to change,
to believe that too much thinking may harm me,
to believe that survival is always of the fittest,
and wants,that i should be like the rest,
i like to be in a reverie,
is thinking so bad?
silence is so enchanting,
it may be a strength to be silent,n not a weakness,
as some may think so,
it is a blessing,a power,
as it has taught me how to say"no",
passion grows with thinking,
love blooms with the same,
thinking makes me versatile,
i let my feelings flow as a wind,
i do what my heart says..