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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day..

Beauty of luv,lies in d purity of the expression..n thts luv,at it's innocent judgements,no prejudices,no preferences,no complaints..innocent luv is lyk a sweet song-soothing to ears n matching the rhythm of one's heart..remember the tym,whn u first saw him/her n felt lyk he/she is d one..whn his/her sight,made u skip a heartbeat n u went weak at ur knees..whn after spending a moment with him/her,u suddenly realized tht u weren't breathing at all..whn everything else seemed to b meaningless..whn everything else seemed to b over..whn u couldn't stop thinking of him/her throughout d day..whn every song u listen to,relates to d moment,spend with him/her..such is d aura of LOVE..LOVE WHICH NEVER ENDS..LOVE,WHICH NEVER DIES..LOVE,WHICH IS SAFE IS OUR HEARTS,FOREVER..

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