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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


It was a Saturday afternoon.The sun was merciless,scorching with it's full force.I went to a posh school with my niece to collect her new books and uniform before the start of her new session.The crowd was getting impatient coz of the slow service along with the continuous rise in mercury.It was a tedious sight..All the parents lined-up,waiting for their turn and all the kids,drained out of energy,either passing their precious time by playing under the angry sun or standing with their parents,like a pillar,acting as silent motivators..That was the time I saw HER..a small creature,hiding behind few pair of legs.She seemed shy and timid.However,there was some other expression in her eyes..Something,that I was unable to make out at that particular moment.I kept my gaze on her and then it sort of struck me-there was pride-of some asset or belonging,ownership of something which she owns and others don't.And then I saw the cause-those bright,beautiful pair of silver sandals.They were pretty,most probably new,and she was keen in showing-off her cause of pride.There were many rich kids too(who enjoy their lavish lifestyles,inevitable to their existence),all decked up,from head to toe,in expensive clothing and accessories.Yet,this little one didn't care if her fellow students,weren't showing even a slight interest in her new shoes.She was busy in her own world,lost in a reverie..glancing over and over again,towards her feet,as if,instead of shoes,she just got new feet.
 "Enough of shoe-watching"I thought,and instead,started watching other kids on the playground.Meanwhile,my sis-in-law was constantly struggling to get the stuff,so I was just able to see a small part of her head,emerging from the sea of people.The whole scene looked like a fully functional view of the Rajeev Chowk Metro station(Phew!).And everyone thinks that it's easy to survive in a metro city!Well,as I constantly killed my curiosity by trying to judge different personalities of different people,I saw a couple waiting at the end of the parents queue..They were not able to push the line or struggle as others were doing.And I saw the reason why..Both of them were handicapped as they were on crutches..They didn't seem very well-off and looked poor..And I wondered, how do they afford the expenses of making their kid study in such an expensive school..They might me in the school's staff or something..Anyways,it felt nice to see them investing in their child's future..Who knows,the kid might become a doctor someday with the first set of patient as his own parents..While I was lost in thought with my eyes unintentionally on their crutches,I saw the tiny creature again..And then it all came to me..Why the shoes were so important to her..Why was there pride of belonging..Why did the parents buy her such fancy shoes when obviously their whole month salary might be spent on her books..Her walk makes them proud and happy..Her run makes them laugh to tears..They do see their future in her.A future,where she'll be somebody someday..The future where she'll be standing on her own feet..Where she'll become their feet..
I woke up from my series of thoughts and saw the girl again..She smiled..IT WAS SHE-THE GIRL IN SILVER SANDALS!

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